Machine Learning PowerUp

San Diego, CA
December 12, 2017

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Splunk’s significant investments in Operational Machine Learning offerings are bearing fruit with some of our most innovative customers. The gap between concept and application of this technology has never been smaller. Splunk provides custom and packaged machine learning to address unique and critical business problems. The Splunk experts will share public examples and answer your in-depth questions, explore how you can leverage these techniques in your own environments. 

Come join us for this rare and exclusive afternoon session to engage with Splunk and other customers in a thought provoking exercise. Walk away with a game plan for implementing a Machine Learning POC and an update on Splunk’s Machine Learning direction.

Specific topics to be included:

  1. Natural Language Search - Business users asking their own questions of the data without SPL
  2. Splunk’s Machine Learning Toolkit – What’s new from our labs
  3. Customer Use Cases
    1. ITSI and Predictive Analytics at a Major FSI customer, Splunk Blog post
    2. Forecasting and Anomaly Unified as for Customer Volume Behavior
    3. Student Achievement Predictions and Taking Action at UNLV
      Detecting and Resolving Data Outages at UNLV
  4. Discussion
  5. Reception of Wine, Beer and Appetizer

Event Details:


Tuesday, December 12th
4:00 – 7:00pm


The WineSellar & Brasserie
9550 Waples Street #115
San Diego, CA 92121