Boss of The NOC @
Splunklive! London

12 June 2019

Boss of the NOC

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Pre-event Programme Sessions (12th June):
Join us for a Boss of the NOC (BOTN) competition hosted by Splunk where teams of four compete against one another to solve five simulated scenarios they would normally face in their everyday IT life. We encourage contestants to sign up in teams of (up to) four for the best chance to become the Boss of the NOC! You will be competing for prizes and bragging rights. The five scenarios the teams can tackle in any order are:

  1. “My homepage won’t load..?”
  2. “I can’t get to the CMS!”
  3. “The network seems slow....
  4. “All my files are lost, HELP!”
  5. “Nobody can place any orders on our site!”
So, bring your out-of-the-box thought process and your can-do attitude for a fun for all event brought to you by the Splunk ITOA Specialist team.

  • If you wish to play on a team, please communicate with your team before registering to be sure and use exactly the same “Team Name”. (Pro-tip: Register with friends and co-workers with different professional backgrounds and varying areas of expertise for an advantage!).
  • Each BOTN participant must bring their own laptop with functional/configurable WiFi (OS doesn't matter as long as it can load Splunk in its browser).
  • Each player must be physically present for the competition.
  • Every player must register to participate in this event.

For any questions about this competition, feel free to contact the BOTN Team.

Event Details


Wednesday 12th June, 2019


From 16:30 to 20:30


InterContinental London - The O2
1 Waterview Drive
SE10 0TW
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