4th MARCH 2020

Splunk University is a pre-SplunkLive! educational training program (fees apply). We will be running two in-person courses on Wednesday 4th March from 08:30-17:00.


Registration for these education classes is in conjuction with SplunkLive! London.

University Courses

Creating Dashboards with Splunk 8.0

This course is designed for power users who want to create fast and efficient views that include customized charts, drilldowns, advanced behaviors and visualizations. Major topics include using tokens, global searches, event handlers, dynamic drilldowns and simple XML extensions for JavaScript and CSS.

Course Topics
  • Module 1 - Creating a Prototype
  • Module 2 - Using forms
  • Module 3 - Improving Performance
  • Module 4 - Customizing Dashboards
  • Module 5 - Using Drilldowns
  • Module 5 - Using Drilldowns
  • Module 6 – Adding Advanced Visualizations & Behaviors

    The cost of this course is $500 or 1 x EDU credit

    Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise 8.0

    This one day course is designed for Splunk administrators. It covers topics and techniques for troubleshooting a standard Splunk distributed deployment using the tools available on Splunk Enterprise 8.0. It is a lab-oriented class designed to help you gain troubleshooting experience before attending more advanced courses. You will debug a distributed Splunk Enterprise environment using the live system and simulated case logs. This course does not cover the issues surrounding Splunk Cloud, Splunk Clusters, or Splunk premium apps.

    Course Topics
  • Module 1 - Splunk Support Model
  • Module 2 - Splunk Troubleshooting Methods and Tools
  • Module 3 - Clarifying the ProblemInstallation, Licensing, and Crash Problems
  • Module 4 - UI and Search Problems
  • Module 5 - Configuration Problems
  • Module 6 - Deployment Problems
  • Module 7 - User Management Problems

    The cost of this course is $500 or 1 x EDU credit

    Working with Metrics in Splunk 8.0

    This course provides Splunk users in-depth information about metrics, ingesting and searching metrics data, and how to use the Metrics Workspace to analyze and create visualizations.

    Course Topics
  • Module 1 – Metrics Overview
  • Module 2 – Onboarding Metrics Data
  • Module 3 – Log to Metrics
  • Module 4 – Searching Metrics Data

    The cost of this course is $500 or 1 x EDU credit


    Once registered for a Splunk University course, payment instructions will be sent directly to you.

    More questions? Contact us at emea-events@splunk.com

    Event Details


    Wednesday 4th March 2020 


    From 08:30 to 17:00


    InterContinental London - The O2
    1 Waterview Drive
    SE10 0TW
    Venue Website